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The hectic month of September has come and gone, just like that. The year is slowly trickling away, footy finals were a thing, six months have passed of married life, the boys have both had their birthdays and September has brought us premature bulk Christmas decorations right on que. I have my 5 magical favourites ready to brighten this fine day... actually, it's not that fine... the weather's quite shit and the chill of it resembles mid winter, I'm currently rugged up with the heater blasting at a balmy 21 degrees. Nice. Footy finals and all their spectacular glory were going to feature this month, they were a late scratching if you will. You see, I'm a Melbourne Storm supporter through and through. Since the very very beginning. Way back when. Relentless effort by the boys this year, aced through the finals, buckled in the grand final and lost by two points. I will leave that one right where it is. Gallant effort. Bring on 2017. Nonetheless, get in, on and all around the marvels that are the FOTM for September.



Well yes, it is the note 5. Outdated? Maybe so. A couple of years behind technology? Perhaps. Going to die in the middle of the night from my phone exploding next to me? No. It was time for a new, fresh slice of tech, my old Sony wasn't keeping up to my expectations and letting me down. Research upon research lead me to this gold unicorn. Gold! Yes, it did help influence my decision slightly. It is absolute magic. Like sand through an hourglass. 

So, the way I see it is this... the note 7 is exploding right? No way that fireball was on my radar. Here's a little trivia for you, did you know the replacements are now also being recalled and Samsung have issued warnings to cease using them, like yesterday? On the other hand... can we really trust the still over-priced note 6? I mean, they are still asking just shy of the cost of the new one, the new one, that blows up. No thanks, I'm a total savvy shopper if I do say so myself. Scored this winner for half the price and it's a machine... literally and figuratively. To the Samsung Galaxy Note 5, I'm a little impressed by you. 



Being married for half a year. Half a year! In this same amount of time again, I feel we'll be an old married couple, bickering about the weather and who put the prune juice in the wrong place. It ticked over in the muddled mess of a month that was September. A slight hoorah for tolerating someone with minimal complaint because, well... at the end of the day, you decided to take this blissful route on. You stood there publicly saying your sweet little nothings and promising to dote on that one person for the rest of your life. Yes, they can't put their clothes directly into the washing basket, they must be strategically sprawled within inches of it or hanging lifelessly over the edge of the hamper. Yes, despite saying it over and over, they leave numerous dishes scattered all over the lounge room and kitchen when the dishwasher is... right. there. Of course they can't keep their multitudes of paperwork in any sort of order and get the foot stomping tantrums on when something important didn't get dealt to... or paid. Chocolate wrappers don't live on the floor and please replace the toilet roll when you empty it. 

Can't live with them, can't live without them... unless of course, I strangle him in his sleep by force of a pillow around his head because the midnight freight train that rumbles through the bedroom of a night is making me irrational. 



Sometimes it's just what the Doctor ordered. Long weekends away with brilliant company, a little 4x4'ing, the Hulk of all fires, gold panning, the sweet growl of multiple motorbikes and passion pop. Okay, drinks in general... passion pop was actually a one night thing, although, it had the affect of coming up with the genius plan of driving into town the following day with a blue heeler tied in the back of a ute, hay bales and wife-beaters to buy several more bottles of the liquid poison. No, this didn't end up happening. A wonderful little farmhouse just a short drive out of Bairnsdale on a small 300 or so acres. Pure bliss. 

If you haven't trailed to quieter, non suburban pastures of late, do yourself a favour and go. 



And a freaking BOOM it leaves. The rundown is, if ever there was a 90's iPod dock - we had it. Big, bulky and a small whisper of music to follow. When you weren't changing the 8 AA batteries of the power chugging machine, you had to keep it balanced or the tune station would fall off the wagon. Insert the Logitech UE Megaboom. Allegedly one of the loudest and most powerful bluetooth speakers there is, and... it. actually. is. This thing thumps along, it has been used indoors and outdoors and it absolutely cranks. CRANKS! For the price tag being just shy of $300AU, it is a total worthy buy in my book. 

Bring on the next camping trip, the tunes will be large. 



I haven't 'arted' for sometime now. Call it life, lack of inspiration or laziness. It just hasn't been my forte. I'm trying to get my mojo back and loving it. Them zoning out feels of drawing complete and utter rubbish are solid. Last time I got my art on, I went through the t-shirt phase, a phase it still is from time to time. An odd stranger occasionally buys my visions of weirdness, hats off to them for taking it all in and wearing my scribble. This time, I've honed in on the visionary of prints, canvases, acrylic wall mounts... home decor. I've only got one print kicking for now, but if you'd love a slice of the pie... please help yourself. I'd be forever in your appreciation *giant thumbs up to a super supportive, full of taste human*. 

Buy my first delicious print right here if you please: ZEBRAS THAT POSE


So let's wind up on September, things to do, places to see, Christmas shopping to be complete (joking...). It was a month of goodies and newbies thanks to the wonderful person we all either wait for patiently or dread within an inch of our lives, the one we all must live with whether we want to or really don't, the one who can drag us over broken glass if we accidentally do our maths wrong, the one who knows our ins and outs and can wreak havoc on our lives just by chance, because it's just 'our turn to share with the class'... the humble tax man. 


See you next month you glamorous team that read my raving nonsense. 


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