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I did it!

It's on again, month two! I have actually made it and stuck to something, favourites of August are a thing. Yes, I'm surprised I stuck it out too, I am currently self high five-ing my efforts.

So here it is...



So, I usually trek my lovely white Vans through mud, water, sand, dirt and everything else which way to Sunday. People often look at me like I'm insane and have often commented on what will be my personal regrets for my selective wardrobe choices. Least to their knowledge, those suckers are washer and dryer proof (I'm actually not kidding, the tag says so!), so they come up brand spankin' every time. However, this doesn't stop the mud from oozing in over the sides of my shoes in an unruly manner. Not so awesome. The day before our trip to Loch Valley, a winter trip, mud expected... my too fantastic husband brings these bad boys home for me. They are the diggity of bomb, hello warm, toast, DRY feet. Best. Ever.



This place was really something else. My two year old daughter had an absolute blast, fascinated... speechless... on a hunt for fairies, even the "too cool for family outings" 11 and 12 year old boys enjoyed it. What are the odds? This gorgeous garden is definitely worth a visit, in the heart of Marysville... a good 4 hour round trip for us, though worth it. Although, upon arriving with limited cash (like, not enough cash to cover us all!), we find there's no eftpos. They were lovely and told us to head back into town for cash afterwards but first, enjoy. So we did! We headed to the only two places to get cash out afterwards only to find they're both unavailable. We headed back, scrummaging for any loose car change, heads held low and feeling a little defeated by technology and gave them everything we could. The day we come back, we owe you guys a beefy tip!

On a heavier hearted note, we've all heard of the devastating black Saturday fires of 2009, we all know where we were and exactly what we were doing. It was that extremely dry, windy, 47 degree day in Melbourne, with unofficial temperatures recorded to be even higher than that, I was sitting in my smoke filled house listening to the radio and watching the TV anxiously waiting for updates. It was horrid, a day many Victorians will never forget. The stories you heard after that day were unbelievable, so surreal you'd think they were fiction. The thought of being in one of those devastated areas on that horrifying day is unimaginable, this was one of those places. The town of Marysville was ravished, scorched and near enough burnt to the ground. All that was left standing was 14 of over 400 buildings in Marysville, it was completely destroyed and torn apart, could you even imagine? Even more heart breaking, of the 173 precious lives lost over that 24 hours, 34 fatalities were from Marysville alone. The system failed, lives were ruined and many towns were left blackened. 

The sculpture garden was destroyed.

They have rebuilt, Bruno has relived his creative masterpieces and the vegetation has regrown. The town of Marysville is once again just divine. Pay it a visit, it will be more than worth it.




Father's day is one of my favourites! We get to plan fun things, make all the things that Daddy likes, be sure to have some delicious beer on hand and spoil the super fabulous, hardworking, provider of house, chief bather of the toddler... the list goes on, on his Hallmark day. We love him everyday, really, but it's our one day publicised so we can show him even more how much we love him! I love and oogle over the fact that my kids have a ripper of a father in their lives. It is super love! You are all sorts of amaze husband, we love you!



This little box of bliss rocks up on my doorstep once a month, compliments of hubby! (He may or may not have known when I decided to fulfil my need for a little something something for me that it got popped onto his credit card... thanks husband!). It is a little box of goodies for a totally reasonable price that makes us ladies feel special. Does it get much better? Really? Do yourself a favour and band a subscription on you partners credit card, they'll accept it eventually! 



What can you possibly not love about knowing it's warming up? Unless, of course, you're a winter kind of human. Spring is near, the days are ticking away until it happens (although, come publication... it already will be!). Daylight savings, beach, CHRISTMAS, drinkies, swimming, summer camps... what's. not. to. love. The first beaming day of sunshine of this miserable winter saw us trekking the beach. Fish and chips, sunshine and kids playing happily in the sand. Come on summer! Spring on the verge of showing its face... definitely a FAVOURITE THIS MONTH!


So it's done, I managed to wrangle another month... I may or may not be back for September's little rippers. X


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