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Five things, every month that are total bangers! Why not?

I seriously struggle to stick it out with this kind of thing that requires commitment, minimal commitment, once a month kind of commitment... but, commitment nonetheless. I was the person who planned on taking photos of my daughter every month from her birth to make her a fabulous collage for her first birthday, we made it to four months. I am that person who is ever so easily distracted by anything, anything that doesn't require sticking to a timeline, every day, week, month or like.. ever! I'll give it a go... for as long as I remember.

So, picking the ball back up my five favourite things of the deliriously cold month of July go a little something like this...


Without a doubt, I'm a list person. Surprisingly. I have lists for everything, everything you could think of, and then I have lists for my lists. These are little jumbled pieces of paper scattered all over the house. I had a work book, for all my client deets and photography/videography ideas and inspiration. However, that was as much of a jumbled mess as my lists and at times, my entire life.

Insert kikki.k planner into my life here. It is love... big, organisational, lists in one place love. Winner!


The full framed magical love of my life.
It has been a rock solid piece of gold since I got it a couple of months ago from my ever loving, hubby. How did I never have a full framer sooner? It is a unicorn, better than I ever imagined and then some. Sadly, it gets just a good of treatment as my 60D, water, snow, heat, handbag... nothing is too much for these Canon babies. Well, not yet anyway, nothing has currently been broken. "Touch wood". But, this is why we use them, yes?
I love a new experience, a challenge, questioning everything I know and being a first timer. July brought me junior motocross served with a side of noise. We shot across to Wonthaggi for some photos and booted to Rosebud a short couple of weeks later to line up the video. Definitely, miles of room for improvement, we all start somewhere with each different scenario and give it the best crack capable of the time. Done and check, what a change from the norm.
How I never knew about this little slice long ago certainly beats me. It's basically a book of weird shit that comes out bi-monthly full of strange stories, fabulous purchases and awe inspiring photography. Cute.
And finally, for this cheeky month of July...
The overhaul of my work had to change. I've honestly done next to nothing for the past two years - a wedding videography job, a handful of shoots and my own personal filling in the blanks. Okay, so we had a baby, planned a total DIY wedding, got married, lushed on the honeymoon. My name changed, everything had to follow suit. The start of freshness, business cards! So incredibly OVER the standard, so I went with something a little different, a little off centre, a touch of gold foil and a little... well, square. It will begin again, one day.
Enjoy my love of all the things. x


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