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October, the month of in betweens. The month between the beginning of spring, the lead up month for the Melbourne Cup carnival, Halloween and the party season. It's a slow month, usually still full of rubbish weather leaving you wondering when the heck it's going to warm up, planning summer camps and a cautious dabble with the beach with the sweet sounds of "feckle no, still too cold" when your toes lightly graze the waters edge.

October favourites are in... unlike my money on the cup. 



This book is an UBER monster. It's big, it's heavy and it's full of iconic photographs, photographers and it's in alphabetical order.... so long as you know who you're looking for! There's dark, obscure, fun, curious, light and fluffy. It is the history of photography. So if like myself, you're a wee bit of a camera, photo and creativity lover (nerd... whatever...) it's totally a worthwhile view. 

The inspiration that oozes from this magical dictionary of the photo world is endless. So, in short... if you are a super awesome hobby photographer who wants the see the history of this fun little game, just like a good, slightly oversized coffee table book or you're on an inspo hunt, check it out!




I have had more shit wallets and purses over the years than I care to count. Way. Too. Many. Not even kidding. The time came when my last little slice kept popping open and leaking all my change into the deep burrows of my handbag, the frustration was real, I was pulling my hair out, it had to end!

This number is easy on the eye, functional and keeps those pesky runaway coins all zippered in a massive back pocket. Win. A little pricey on the bank account (their handbags are pretty fabulous looking and cost well more than a weekly grocery shop too!) but for the price of my sanity, well can you really put a price on that?!




The master of all the lenses, the one I have longed for and finally claimed. Interesting the way it happened nonetheless. So, the husband wanted a dirt bike, I wasn't keen - for injury sake, fear of being a widow, the list goes on. I came around eventually, knowing he had someone willing to help him out and teach him how to apparently avoid breaking numerous bones and guide him in his purchases. On that note, he wants a bike... I want a lens... welcome to the kit the ever fabulous Canon 70 - 200 mm 2.8L IS II USM, let's make magic. I'm not one to pass up on a guilt trip oppourtuniy of my husbands wants.

I've only chanced on giving this bad boy a couple of test runs thus far.. it's big, it's damn heavy, it's definitely not a "walk around" toy. All that aside, it is a BEAST! How I never managed to nab it in my life sooner escapes me... it pulled up pumps and ladders over the weekend photographing the junior motocross and ripped it up at the beach snapping the surf boat smashing through the waves. This lens has definitely got it, I'm not entirely sure what just yet, but it has got it. A keeper you are my sweet, giant muscle builder that I now call my own.




Sweet little creative throw togethers for toddlers are a total win and in her eyes, a favourite. Daddy built her a sand box a few months back, she played briefly with it and it was tucked away due to lack of maturity and responsibility with actually keeping the sand at bay and box bound. Throwing it forward to now and here we are, sand box has resurfaced and those tiny eyes lit up like a campfire at night time after a few drinks in the bush. They were huge. 

It is absolutely amazing at how simple these little people can be, some sand and plastic animals and they are complete. They can play on for hours and remain perfectly happy... well until the need to emerge for food arises of course. When they say "let kids be kids", this is exactly what I imagine. Happiness, laughter, tantrums on hold and imagination. 

Oh, to be young again.




The Karachi Outpost is the camera bag to end all camera bags. It is oh. so. tough. I've had a few camera bags over the years, I'd tried several ways to carry my loads of necessary junk at weddings and events and nothing ever majored the way this did. It sits so amazingly on your back and is surprisingly comfortable, it doesn't look overly obvious and far from screams "look at me, I have thousands of dollars worth of shit up in here... steal me!"... well unless you have a whopping great tripod connected to the side of it, that may be a slight giveaway. Only slight.

I've had this bag on the go now for a couple of years and it is as new and solid as the day that I bought it. They don't fade, they don't come apart, they're weather resistant (even more so when you put its special little waterproof cover on that comes with it), you can padlock the large compartment and they just stay modern. This bag is totally ageless, and if for some reason it's lost its touch of glory.. it has a lifetime warranty. What more could you want really? I've run this bag through the loops and it just keeps on keeping on. It's my camera bag, camping crap other than clothes bag, has been my nappy bag for the baby once or twice on long treks and will always be my go to backpack.

Having all my camera gear stable and together is excellent. Since buying this handy lover, I've also bought a few more different style Crumpler bags for various other camera items that I don't need all the time and well... just because. If you need a wicked backpack... look up Crumpler, you can't regret such ruggedness.


So there be the favourites of October... I've lost what month I'm up to now, a little surprised at myself for keeping it up.. nearly caved over the last few days and got the cbf's on, but I figure, once I stop, there's no point in resuming after missing a month... so the show must go on. Woo!

See you next month lovelies! x


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